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A Polish Wedding Part 2 Before the Ceremony

Posted by Tim Firkowski
Tim Firkowski
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on Thursday, 17 November 2011 in Poland

phoca thumb l dsc02478Here is the 2nd part of a series of Blogs about my experience at a Polish wedding.

The day of the wedding, everyone gathers at the home of the bride prior to going to the church. There is a band that plays music as the guests arrive. The guests approach the bride who is standing with her spouse to be, and give the bride a small bouquet of flowers. By the tiem it is all done... she has quite the collection of floral gifts!

phoca thumb l dsc02475Everyone is mingling with others, there are a number of people who are unfamiliar with members of the other spouses family, so this give them a little time to get to know them a little better.

Before leaving to go to the church, The bride and groom are blessed by each of their respective parents.

After all the guests have arrived, the bride and groom get into their vehicle and proceed to the church with the guests following along.

Next Blog post I will continue my series on a Polish Wedding!

Photos related to this blog can be viewed here:

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Home Blog | Adventures & Memorable Moments Tim Firkowski A Polish Wedding Part 2 Before the Ceremony