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Adventures & Memorable Moments

Follow along with me on my journey in life. With this blog I will attempt to share some of the wonderful events taking place in my life and share some of my thoughts.

Ostrava-Czech Republic & Pszczyna

Posted by Tim Firkowski
Tim Firkowski
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on Sunday, 07 August 2011 in Poland

dsc00336Today was an exciting one. We went to Ostrava in the Czech Republic. I was able to see my 1st cousin Mirek. Mirek was kind enough to offer me the use of his second car while I am traveling in Poland for the next 2 months. We only had time to stay and visit for a few hours before we had to make our way back "home" but it was wonderful to see him and his wfie Dagmar again. I will be seeing them again for a longer visit in September. So now I have my wheels. They will be needed as tomorrow I will be going to Warsaw to meet more family!

dsc00313After leaving Ostrava, we went to Pszczyna. There are a few interesting things here. There is a palace and a Rynek that is surrounded by old buildings and churches. Photos from todays activities are light because of the driving that was done, but I know you will enjoy what photos I do have.

This area of Poland is also known to be the only area that had bison "zubry". They have a small park nearby where you can see some buffalo. They are smaller than what we have in the US.

The weather has held out for me so far, but because of impending rain and our evening plans, it was time to return home. We made it to Dabrowa Gornicza and the skies opened up. 

For the evening we would stay at Lukasz's home and relax and visit with some of his friends, Ania and Adrian. It was nice ot relax and do some show and tell. We shared stories, photos & videos of each others life adventures. Seeing some video clips of the first 2 Firkowski Family Reunions brought tears to my eyes.

Tomorrow it is on to Warsaw.

Todays Photos:
Ostrava - Czech Republic

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